Kegs for Kids a Suce$$ for the 3rd Time!!

The numbers are in and by all accounts K4K-2012 was a great success! Like I need to tell you, 'cause you were there, right? But because we like our facts and figures and you all want to know here are some things to chew on:

• 450 people att...ended on Sunday... and we raised...
• $40,000+!

• 70+ different beers were enjoyed (that's roughly...
• 70,000 ounces consumed)

• 27 restaurants donated food, or...
• 2700 servings of wings, sandwiches, hummus, bbq, cookies, etc, etc, etc.

• 80+ items were auctioned off ...and a lucky someone generously donated
• $2000 for a week in Steamboat.

PLUS there's this:

Innumerable--the amount of time, dedication and effort that was put in by all our countless volunteers, and the awesome folks from FOP, also Michael Roper, Louise Molnar, Tony Dreyfuss and the great Peirce community! Thank you all including the following restaurants that donated food!

Anna Held
Ben's Noodle & Rice
Calo Ristorante
Cere's Table
Edgewater Produce
Ethiopian Diamond
Fritz Pastry
Huey's Hot Dogs
Kate's Famous Cookies
Lady Gregory's
le Flour Bake Shop
Libanais Sweets
Maddiebird Bakery
Martin Wallner
Middle Eastern Bakery
Nookies Edgewater
Piatto Pronto
Pizza Capri
Roadhouse 66
Taste of Lebanon